Privacy Policy for Luckylads Connect

In conclusion, Luckylads Connect is more than just a tool; it’s a commitment. A commitment to providing seamless integration between WordPress and social media platforms, and a promise to do so without compromising on privacy. As you navigate the digital realm, sharing your content and reaching out to your audience, rest assured that with Luckylads […]

Website Monitoring & SLA

Uptime All websites hosted within the Luckylads Infrastructure are monitored through a third party monitoring tool which is connected to our internal systems such as JIRA, Slack, SMS and call integrations. Disk, CPU & Memory Alerting thresholds have been set to notify our team through internal communications when CPU, Memory & Disk utilisation is high. […]

WordPress as a Service – Our tech

Whilst there are a number of ways we could have set this up, we have opted for robustness, security & speed as a whole. This way we can ensure your website SLAs when it receives large traffic requests. The tech below is what we use but is in no way the limit of what we […]

Launch an Online Store in 2021: Covid 19 (LockDown) Exclusive Deal

Well to this point everybody knows about an online store, a warehouse online for your products, the real question is Why do you need an online store in Mauritius in 2021? Simple, eCom Store are proliferating, Covid-19 has triggered the shopping online culture in Mauritius that would have taken years to come. Everyday Retailers are […]

Running a successful eCommerce

Digital commerce in Mauritius has started to pick up the past few years and has seen a boom since Covid-19 lockdown last year in 2020. In this article, we will discuss a few items that are worth mentioning to run a successful digital shop. Just running an eCommerce site will NOT do the trick. Get […]

Elementor Pro – The ultimate tool

Looking to build a site that is fast, contains neat codes and a drag and drop builder which is absolutely easy to use? Your search is finally over. With Elementor Pro, you can now fulfill websites blazing fast. We are a 100% Elementor Pro web development business and have been working with the solution for […]