WordPress as a Service – Our tech

Whilst there are a number of ways we could have set this up, we have opted for robustness, security & speed as a whole. This way we can ensure your website SLAs when it receives large traffic requests. The tech below is what we use but is in no way the limit of what we can implement. Every client & project needs are different.

List of softwares/third party solution providers that we work with:

  1. Namecheap, & Gandi
    Domain names both local & international(EN|FR)
  2. Cloudflare
    For DNS, WAF & CDN
  3. Amazon Web Services(AWS) & DigitalOcean
    You need servers for hosting. We trust them both.
  4. Varnish & Redis
    Used primarily to serve cached contents off memory (static assets & cached database queries)
  5. Multi Node Clustered Databases(Galera)
    Helping us achieve high availability & speed
  6. WordPress