Digital commerce in Mauritius has started to pick up the past few years and has seen a boom since Covid-19 lockdown last year in 2020. In this article, we will discuss a few items that are worth mentioning to run a successful digital shop. Just running an eCommerce site will NOT do the trick.

  1. Get them to subscribe
    Having Google, Facebook, Instagram Ads is great, but how do you re-target these clients so you lower down your advertising costs? It is always good to allow your clients the possibility to subscribe. A popup as discussed in this ElementorPro article best describes it. Once you have them in your subscriptions, you need to send them specific contents, like shopping guides, comprised of products that are available in your online store.
  2. Be Present & Responsive
    Facebook Messenger is a great example of a marketing tool for Page owners. You need to make sure you have a place on your website where your client can reach out to you. We usually propose online chats and contact forms.
  3. Be ready to give a portion away
    A digital shop cost is not as hefty as a high street store. You need to be ready to provide your customers preferential prices for shopping online. Be generous and give that discount away. We use WooCommerce coupon codes to achieve this.
  4. Speed affects the way your client responds
    We have and will always believe that websites needs to be very responsive in terms of speed. A second slower can mean bad for your business. Always opt for a digital agency which puts speed & security first.

We have extensive experience in web design and ecommerce, feel free to reach out to us. We shall tailor make one according to your style and likes.

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