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Once a wordpress site is built, it needs to be ‘hosted’ so that is becomes accessible to the world. This process involves the purchase of a domain name( and sign up to a web hosting service. We do both.

Infolad is a big fan of technology, and we trust Amazon AWS for our web hosting services, and host in Ireland, London, US depending on the target market.

Stability & Speed

Your website is hosted on our hosting platforms which automatically scale up depending on the traffic. Your site is protected and cached through Cloudflare so that it delivers your site in the fastest and more secure way possible. 

Our servers are kept up to date to ensure they have the latest patches, with zero downtime.

Backup & Monitoring

Your data is critical to us. That’s why, we have the invested in reliable backup strategies which ensures that your data is backed-up on a daily basis and kept for a minimum of 30 days.

Each website is monitored 24/7 through an Application Performance Management tool and an external service for availability monitoring.

Hosting Support

So you need a new email address? Or a new sub domain? We provide managed hosting services and request can be raised through our support system. During working hours, actions are done as fast as under 30 minutes.

Our Offer

Our web hosting services are for business only and is part of our build & host deal. You automatically receive a domain  name(conditional on domain TLD) and a web hosting account for a full year when you build your website with us.

We trust Zoho Mail for your email needs and you have a pack of 5 users with the initial plan. 

Hosting only? Request for a quote below.

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About Us

LuckyLads & Infolad are sister companies – combined, they have put forward the best of their strengths to serve you in your technological needs. More information? Read here.

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