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Affordable corporate and eCommerce website for your business. We build intuitive, fast & professional sites.

Our web development programme

We build & develop your website by fitting in your requirements and adding our professional touch. Our website solutions are flexible with continuous development – month to month basis. Be it a text change or addition of a new page.

We leverage over WordPress which is the world’s most popular & trusted content management platform according to Forbes in 2020.

Our Development Process

1. Quote

As soon as you request a quote with us, a member of the Luckylads team will  contact you to ensure that we have all the required information to send out the best proposal.

You may also contact us for more information before requesting a quote on this link.

2. Discovery

Once the quote is approved, we begin with the most important phase where we collect your initial requirements and understand your business needs before the project begins through calls, emails and meetings. You are assigned an account & project manager for your website so you have a single point of contact.

3. Development

Our development team kicks off their first initial build to develop your website from the requirements. We will demo the website with you every week whilst ensuring that your site is super-fast & dazzling.

4. Launch

Once you are happy and ready to launch the website, we buy your domain name and host your website.

Learn more about our hosting plans.

Kickstart your website with us today.

Hello! I am Lincoln.

“Are you having trouble with your website project? You have no where to turn to? Well, we’ve got your back! 

— Co-founder Luckylads —

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