Connected Commerce

E-Commerce with Analytics, Promotions, Pricing, Customer Aquisition & Retention and Digital Customer Experience.

Connected Commerce

Increase your Productivity and Reduce your Cost

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What is ConnectedCommerce?






Social Media

Coupons / Gift Cards

POS/ERP/Stock MGT/QuickBooks


Food Sector

Fast food, Sports Bar, Casual Dining, Fine Dining, Food Trucks, Bars & Pubs.


Department store, Bakery grocery/supermarket, warehouse and specialty stores

Every other business type

We cover almost every business type. Whether you are in B2B or B2C. We have the right solution for you.



Your ecommerce today needs to cater for multiple devices, accept different types of payment(COD,Mobile Banking,CreditCard,Paypal), and have a great UX.

Customer Experience on your digital commerce is key to success. We develop in Magento with pwastudio & WooCommerce.

Customer Analytics Enhanced

ConnectedCommerce enables you to track and understand your fast & slow moving items so you can amend your product as required.

Coupons & Gifts

ConnectedCommerce enables you to create loyalty programmes, gift enablement as well as create discount coupons.

Connected Commerce with POS

Manage stock and orders directly from your online store with ConnectedCommerce by Luckylads

Connected Commerce with QuickBooks

Connected Commerce with SAP

Connected Commerce with other systems

Reduce Time to Replenish Inventory

Sales in your Ecommerce will get reflected at your ERP in real time. You can effectively plan your supply chain.

Process Orders Quickly

Improves order-processing efficiency of back office by automatically feeding web orders into ERP. Smooth and faster order fulfillment.

Automate Financial Entry

Ecommerce sales transactions get automatically and recorded in your SAP. You have complete financial view of your business at any point in time.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customer is always informed by having auto updates on each stage of their order fulfillment.

Avoid ‘Out of Stock’

Sync the stock updates on real time into web inventory. Eliminate ‘out of stock’ scenario.

Social Media Integration

Are you struggling to manage different social media platforms? Why not manage it from your ConnectedCommerce?


Respond to your clients faster with ConnectedCommerce

Connected Commerce Timeframe

A typical ConnectedCommerce implementation with luckylads takes a minimum of 5 weeks.

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